Oil and Gas

We are officially registered with the Kurdistan regional government’s ministry of natural resources.

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Static & site security

Our static and site security solutions are based on the principles of deter, detect, prevent and response.

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Mobile security

Our mobile security service uses a sophisticated, robust journey management system.

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Close protection

Close protection otherwise known as executive or VIP protection is a specialized capability.

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Threat monitoring & reporting

It is critical that we are able to advise our clients in real time regarding the threat and as incidents occur.

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K9 Units

One of the most fascinating aspects of security force is police dog and its handler, also called the K9 unit.

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10 years of experence

We are an established firm that has been working in field of security for almost a decade.

100% Satisfaction

Our happy clients are the benchmark of our work. Through the longs years of walking, we were able to provide ultimate satisfaction to our clients

24/7 Security Service

OnGuard Security does not sleep. We are operating on 24/7 basis to provide the best of services to our clients. Our customer center are always read to response for any sort of emergency.

10 years of ExperenceSkills & Capabilities

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Remote Logistical Support
Risk Management
UAV Capability
CCTV & Perimeter Systems